Eddie Izzard To Star As Grandpa In Munsters Reboot

A while back it was announced that NBC was going to reboot the 60’s television show The Munsters and today we find out that it finally has cast an actor/producer for the show and that is none other than Eddie Izzard who will play Grandpa.

The show which is working under the title Mockingbird Lane is going rewritten by Bryan Fuller and directed by Bryan Singer. We’re told Mockingbird Lane is a reinvention of the 60s television show but the modern version will have striking visuals and not be as campy.

You never saw the original thing you should know that Grandpa is the Munster family patriarch and a very powerful vampire who is able to shape shift into just about any creature at will. I don’t know just looking at a picture of Eddie Izzard it does kind of scream vampire to me so he may be perfect for this role.

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