Eli Manning To Host Saturday Night Live


eli-manningWhat year it has been for the New York Giants starting quarterback Eli Manning. Not only did he gets to win his second Super Bowl this year he now gets to host Saturday Night Live on May 5th with special musical guest Rihanna.

Athletes have always equal good ratings for Saturday Night Live and the show runners are probably hoping Eli is capable of delivering a touchdown in the ratings. After all, his brother Peyton Manning and his Super Bowl opponent Tom Brady delivered some of the highest rated Saturday Night Live in the past decade with a 5.9 and six final respectively.

I’m guessing that Eli will probably do a little bit better than Lindsay Lohan and her 5.5 rating from earlier this season and do something like a 5.8 or so. Hopefully, he doesn’t throw tantrum like he did when he was drafted into the NFL if he doesn’t get a really good rating,

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