‘Eureka’ Star Colin Ferguson Gets Lead In New Fox Pilot

After a six-year stint as the mail lead of Syfy’s popular departing drama series Eureka, Colin Ferguson is giving comedy a try as the lead in Bill Lawrence’s Fox pilot Like Father. The project, from Warner Bros. Television, is inspired by Lawrence’s real-life experience and focuses on a father-son relationship. Ferguson will play the father Van Lyons, nicknamed “The Hurricane” for his pompous personality. After his wife passes away, Van moves into his son Will’s campus apartment to help him with the grieving process. Also cast in the pilot are Phill Lewis (The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) as Van’s best friend and Kevin Michael Martin. Word is barring a major screwup from the writing team for the pilot this show has been pretty much guaranteed a pickup for a minimum of 12 episodes. I for one can't wait to see Colin Ferguson in a comedy because I feel it will actually take advantage of his above average comic timing deadpan ability.

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