Fan bites Danny Bonaduce does that mean the zombie apocalypse has begun?

Former child television star and noted tranny hooker beater Danny Bonaduce alleges an insane fan bit him during an event at a Washington gambling casino.
Danny Bonaduce biteThe onetime "Partridge Family" says a woman inquired  if he would allow her to kiss him  and then bit into his cheek for nearly a minute until other people near the actor managed to pull her off of him.
Bonaduce, who now works  as a radio disc jockey in Seattle, said the woman was arrested Friday, but he does not plan to press charges against her.
Bonaduce’s cheek had a bright red mark the following morning, when he  told the media what he was thinking during the attack, "Bath salts," he said, referencing a designer smoked instead of marijuana which has been linked to bizarre and violent behavior among it’s users.

Bonaduce’s wife, Amy, states that her husband has been treated with antibiotics and will be fine.

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