Game Of Thrones Star Sean Bean Arrested After Losing Head

Game of Thrones star Sean Bean was arrested in London after allegedly losing his head and making a series of allegedly abusive phone calls and text mesean-bean-arrested-forssages to his ex-wife Georgina Sutcliffe.

The 53-year-old Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones actor turned himself in to police for a prearranged interview. Police also asked the actor for fingerprint samples and DNA which he freely offered up. Sean Bean was then freed on bail.

Sutcliffe was Sean Bean’s fourth wife and met in 2003 when being was playing McBeth at the West in theater. The couple married in 2008. Bean was previously married to hairdresser Debra James and actresses Melanie Hill and Abigail Cruttenden. Bean gave an interview last year where he said he finally had given up on marriage and prefer to spend his time gardening.

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