Gary Decarlo has died

R.I.P. Gary DeCarlo

The lead singer of Steam, Gary Decarlo passed away today after battling cancer for a while.

Gary’s band The Steam is undoubtedly best known for their number one hit single “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.” If you never heard that song go to YouTube and look for it because it is an all time classic. It was the number one song for a while back in 1969 the heyday of what we now call classic music.

Pat Morgan who happens to have been a very close friend to Gary said that the singer passed away in a Connecticut hospice from lung cancer that despite aggressive treatment managed to spread across his body. His wife was with him at his time of death.

Recently, DeCarlo was in the news when his hit song Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye was played for Congress when Obamacare was pretty much repealed. On a side note, that song is also often played at sporting events when a player or team is performing extremely poorly.

Rest in peace Gary DeCarlo you are one person we didn’t want to say goodbye to.

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