Gary Ross Won’t Direct Hunger Game Sequel


garyross-catchingfireToday it was reported that Lionsgate and Fox have apparently come to an agreement resolving their scheduling issues which now allows for Jennifer Lawrence to shoot Catching Fire and the X-Men First Class sequel back-to-back. However, before the stars able to start filming the Hunger Games sequel it looks like the studios going to need to find  new director since Gary Ross has officially exited the franchise and refuses to direct the sequel.

Both sides have talked to reporters and tried to spin the story different ways but bottom line the reason that Gary Ross is exiting the franchise all boils down to money or the lack of money being offered to the director. Lionsgate has taken up the position that regardless of who directs it the film is already guaranteed to be one of the highest grossing films ever and decided that Gary Ross wasn’t worth the bump in pay he was requesting to take on the subsequent follow-up films in the Hunger Games franchise.

Catching Fire should start filming this fall and open November 22nd, 2013. As for Ross were told that the filmmaker is looking to change things up on his next endeavor and ironically the project he has in mind reportedly will pocket him even more money then he was asking to direct Catching Fire. So looks like it will be a win-win for all parties involved.

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