Gerard Butler Goes To Rehab

Gerard Butler the star of films such as "The 300" and "The Bounty Hunter" has checked into the Betty Ford Center in California to receive treatment for substance abuse.

Gerard actually checked into the facility about three weeks ago after realizing he was becoming dependent on prescription drugs. His problems were originally triggered on the set of the hit film The 300 where Butler became dependent on painkillers to cope with numerous injuries he suffered trying to keep up with the physical demands of shooting the action film.

Over the last few months Butler's problems worsened to the point where he was almost killed during the filming of "Of Men and Mavericks" after zoning out and losing track of a large wave. Gerard Butler is scheduled to leave the facility today.


Best of luck Mr. Butler and congratulations on being wise enough to seek treatment when you realized you had a problem. Hopefully those annoying paparazzi leave you alone enough so that you can continue with your recovery.

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