Gillian Anderson Talks about Her Lesbian Relationship

Gillian Anderson has a movie coming out and it's not getting any buzz so what's a girl to do? Gillian Anderson decided that the logical way to get attention was to open up about a lesbian relationship she had with a woman while in high school.

The former X-Files star says as she experimented with her sexuality in the past but is to attracted to men for her lesbian relationships last. So basically what we think she's saying is my movie career isn't going as well as I wanted it to so let me go ahead and exploit the fact that I am a woman and have slept with another woman. After all people here any female celebrities name along with the words lesbian relationship is going to get a lot of publicity and cause more people to actually watch her films.

You know GLAAD he gets up on their high horse when people say anything negative about anyone in the gay and lesbian community but where are they now when people are beginning to exploit the community in hopes of gaining free publicity. Sexuality should never be used as a publicity stunt because then it sensationalizes it and makes it seem trendy and wrong which is exactly how Gillian Anderson is coming across with her announcement.

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