Golden Girls coming to Hulu

In an attempt to catch Netflix earlier today Hulu announced that they are bringing back America’s favorite group of older ladies by adding “Golden Girls” to their online streaming collection.


The entire season is being added which ran from 1985 to 1992 spanning 177 episodes and will be available to stream next month on Hulu on February 13th which is great for anyone who has no plans for Valentine’s Day.


The announcement of Hulu acquiring the rights to the Golden Girls comes on the heels of the announcement earlier this week that the streaming service will now start streaming CBS content as part of their new live streaming service, Golden girls huluwhich includes both live and on-demand streaming of The Eye’s NFL coverage as well as the network’s most popular original shows like “The Big Bang Theory,” “Big Brother,” “Blue Bloods,” “60 Minutes,” “NCIS,” and more.


If you live the really deprived life and never watched the “Golden Girls” the show follows four divorced/widowed women who rent one big house together in Miami, Florida and have some funny/dramatic adventures in the twilight years of their lives.


The show features a star started cast including Betty White, Bea Arthur, Rue McCalahan, Estelle Getty, and more (White is the last surviving out of the four women), the series won four Golden Globes during its run, as well as 11 Emmy awards. All of this, in addition to consistently drawing in large ratings for NBC throughout the years.


Even though she’s had quite a long career and done some amazing things I will always remember Betty White for the comic relief she provided as Rose on the show. It was perhaps, in my opinion, some of her best work.


Be sure to check it if you have Hulu because I guarantee you will enjoy it.



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