Gospel singer won’t appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Pastor and gospel singer Kim Burell will not be appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” after all since she has been getting a lot of negative press from a video of her surfacing online recently giving an anti-gay sermon. It probably would be pretty awkward to appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” since the talk show host is a lesbian.

After the video went out it took a few days before, DeGeneres commented on the matter and finally stated that Burrell would not be appearing on her show.

There actually was a White House petition which makes no sense to me calling that got over 5,500 signatures for Burrell’s appearance to be canceled.

Original plans called for Burrell to join fellow “Hidden Figures” star Janelle Monáe and producer Pharrell Williams on an episode of the television show airing this Thursday to promote the movie. Burrell is featured on the movie’s soundtrack and was reportedly booked to perform a song with Williams on the talk show.

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