‘Grand Tour,’ host Richard Hammond hurt in crash

Richard Hammond one of the stars of Amazon’s car theme TV show “The Grand Tour” who is probably better known for being on the hit show “Top Gear” was able to escape serious injuries yesterday when he was in a fiery crash while filming for his Amazon show in Switzerland.

Hanan was airlifted to a local hospital and luckily, only suffered a fractured knee. The £2 million plus Rimac Concept One electric supercar was reduced to a pile of twisted metal after the star crash it and it caught fire.

Not long after the crash the show’s producers released a statement saying

“Richard was conscious and talking, and climbed out of the car himself before the vehicle burst into flames,” it said. “He was flown by air ambulance to a hospital in St. Gallen to be checked and plowed, revealing a fracture to his knee.”

They also stressed that no one else was involved in the crash and that Richard Hammond is not being investigated for any traffic violations.

This isn’t the first time Hammond was in a bad crash for the sake of television. If you recall back in 2006 Hammond suffered a brain injury when he crashed in a rocket powered dragster while filming “Top Gear.” During that particular filming, he had been attempting to break the British land speed record at an airfield when he veered off track, flipped over and plowed into the grass. It took him a few months to recover but he did eventually return to the show a few months later.

We really hope that this is the last time you hear about Richard Hammond or anyone from “The Grand Tour” being in a serious car accident.