Grave Robbers Targeting Whitney Houston’s Grave?

Now that news has leaked that Whitney Houston was buried wearing a $500,000 necklace law enforcement officials as well as Houston's own family are worried that grave robbers will try to break into her tomb and steal he treasure. It's gotten to the point where Whitney Houston's family has hired bodyguards to watch her grave 24/7 and those guards have reportedly been turning most of the divas fans away. I wonder how long it will be until some crazy person shows up in the dead of night dressed in black with a shovel and crowbar?

The buzz about the necklace didn't start until the shocking and sleazy photos of Whitney Houston in her casket were published by the National Enquirer earlier this week. The tabloid reported that she was buried in her favorite purple gown, with golden slippers and the $500,000 diamond brooch around her neck not to mention the fact that the casket itself is actually covered in gold.

Now before you say it's ridiculous to think someone could rob such a high profile grave keep in mind less than a year ago the grave of former president Abraham Lincoln was desecrated and a bronze sword stolen and I'm pretty sure his grave had much more security than that of Houston's.

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  1. For one, If anyone actually thinks her family buried her in a half million dollars worth of jewelry is really clueless!! Those are pieces of jewelry that would be given to her daughter or other family members.The family isn't stupid, the only stupid and selfish one is the one who sold the photo. For two, to save the threat of 'grave robbers' the family should of had her buried in a masoleum at the cemetery. And for three, it was written on ABCnews that a 1,000 pound slab of concrete was laid on top of the casket after it was lowered, so a 'grave robber' is going to have a VERY difficult time getting near the coffin.

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