Green Power Ranger trying to make changes to Comicon security


Former Green Power Ranger star Jason David Frank is trying to get events to heighten their security methods as a result of the near deadly event at this year’s Phoenix Comicon.

Frank posted on his Facebook page “I’m not going to let someone zip up my body bag… I won’t and will not back down till every con is on the same page.”

He also confirmed he plans to attend the Comicon taking place in Washington DC after promoters assured the public they had heightened security “in response to recent events.”

Many fans have criticized the lack of security at the Phoenix Comicon provided and their response of banning all props from cosplayers after Mathew Sterling was able to easily get real weapons past security personnel. Quite honestly having attended the Phoenix Comicon in the past it felt as though security were on the same page as your average Walmart greeter. Many regular attendees have been flooding Facebook pages asking why security wasn’t up to par before something like this happened. Reacting after the fact is a necessary but it’s ridiculous the Phoenix Comicon seemed to put money over safety since it became for-profit.  It truly seems as if their security did not receive the proper training required for the job prior to the event.

Some Comic Book Conventions are still looking for answers on how to best increase security and unfortunately, many of the ideas like installing metal detectors are not viable since cosplayers use so much metal in their costumes. The reality of it is from now on you have to be extra vigilant at events like this because if somebody is up to no good there’s really not a perfect system in place to catch them. It seems as if it’s just a matter of time before a major tragedy occurs.

This is why so many people skipped the Phoenix’s event and why other conventions across the country are seeing a decrease in ticket sales. The world has changed and we have to be on the lookout and weigh the risks of going to a public event that is unable to properly provide security to attendees




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