Hitchcock Review



This is a biographical movie about one of the most known and revered names in suspense and horror. Anthony Hopkins plays the Alfred Hitchcock, and Helen Mirren plays his wife, Alma Reville.  It starts after the premiere of North by Northwest, and it chronicles the personal and professional trials as he struggles to do what he wants to do as a director.

It starts as one of his television intros, introducing Ed Gein, killing his brother. The man who was inspiration for Psyco. Hitch, who started reading the book was determined to make it into a film, having the studios shoot down his idea, Hitch decides to finance it himself.

There also was the dynamic of the relationship between Hitch and Alma. The fact that she was hard working behind the scenes, and didn’t want an ounce of credit resonated with me. The way things needed to be said, yet didn’t. It was the way couples have been behaving for centuries. It puts into mind that this was a person, with real emotions and a private life.

Anthony Hopkins so encompassed the role that I actually believed that it was Alfred Hitchcock. He was absolutely stunning in this film. Helen Mirren lended her quiet grace to the role of Alma Reville, the term ‘quiet suffering’ comes to mind. I could write the entire plot and it still wouldn’t be as good as watching it for yourself.  I highly recommend this film, with a nice wine. It’s worth it.

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