House Finale Possible Spoiler

If you don’t want to have your mind blown then I suggest you stop reading now.



Okay, you’re still with me then I’m about to drop a bombshell that I heard about the finale episode of House. Now please keep in mind that this is just a rumor but I did get it from a reliable source but as with any series finale episode many people are kept in the dark on what’s actually going down and given false information.

My source has told me that House is looking to bring back Kal Penn for the finale. This is a big deal because if you remember his character committed suicide back in the fifth season of the show. What I’m told is if current plans hold true Dr. House will meet up with Dr. Lawrence Kutner in heaven of all places. So, I guess they plan on killing off house unless it’s one of those lame dead for a few minutes and brought back to life sort of things. Either way is to be good to see Kal Penn back on television especially as a character I really liked on House.

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