Hugh Hefner and Playboy Say Goodbye to Chicago


Hugh-Hefner-Chicago-Playboy-closesPlayboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner has officially decided to say goodbye to the city of Chicago.

The 86-year-old Hefner wrote a column that was published in the Chicago Tribune in which the magazine and Hefner himself said goodbye to Chicago since Playboy has closed all of its Chicago offices as a part of a consolidation and restructuring maneuver. Playboy will relocate those offices to the city of Los Angeles, California where Hefner has lived for many decades.

Playboy was started in the city of Chicago and for many years it was a place where Hefner himself called home. Hefner says it’s bittersweet to watch the Playboy offices close in a city that he loves.

If you recall over the past few years financial troubles have plagued the magazine and have actually severely impacted Playboy magazine which is why Hugh Hefner repurchased all of the Playboy stock and now Playboy is no longer a publicly traded company.

Hopefully, this move helps Playboy save some money and allows it to stay relevant in the Internet age going forward.

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