Hugh Laurie Say’s He’s Done With TV After House

Looks like whenever House finally wrap us up its television run, it will be the end of actor Hugh Laurie’s 30 year television career.

Hugh Laurie told Scotland’s the daily record that he is planning on leaving television forever once his hit television show House concludes. “I think I have been rather spoiled here” says the 52-year-old actor. “I can’t imagine there will be another one quite like this. … I wouldn’t go looking for lightning to strike twice.”

Laurie got his television start back in 1982 with the British sketch special The Cellar Tapes. He went on to star in several other sketch series in the UK and in 2012 the Guinness Book of World Records listed him as the highest-paid actor in a TV drama and the most watched leading man on television.

Even though he’s won two Golden Globes the actor thinks he’s no longer a desirable commodity in television and is considering working behind the camera as a director. Hugh Laurie is also working on possibly having a music career after releasing his first music album earlier this year.

I hope he reconsiders because he’s a wonderful actor but if it makes them happy I guess maybe he should go ahead and leave television.

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