Hulk Hogan Starts A Reality Wrestling Show


Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan has landed himself a new TV reality show. Hulk Hogan, who’s actual name is Terrance Bollea, is set to launch his latest television venture, on TruTV this coming Wednesday called “Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling.”

Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling will chronicle the lives of a group of little (Don’t call them midget) wrestlers based in Florida, as Hulk Hogan helps them promote their skills to match the successes of their larger counterparts.

Hogan recently told gossip blog, “I spent 20 years around (7-foot, 4-inch) Andre the Giant and he couldn’t sit in a first class seat (on an airplane). People would walk behind him in the airport and you’d hear comments. They’d say cruel things.

“(But) in these guys’ cases, you might see one go into a hotel lobby front desk and the clerk can’t see them. I’m trying to get them to function on a higher level. How to handle themselves in the ring, being more professional and, basically, reinventing yourself. We get to see how they handle normal-sized doors and cars, as well as watching them deal with their wives or helping their kids doing their homework.”

I know Hulk is past his wrestling prime and probably will never get in a ring again so this may be his last chance to stick around the “sport” he loves and make some easy money off his name after his divorce. I really don’t see this show lasting very long but it is TruTV after all so who knows most of their shows suck anyways…

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