I Am Legend Prequel with Will Smith In The Works


We all know this won't end well for the hero but that apparently won't stop Will Smith. 
Word out of Hollywood is that Warner Brothers has greenlighted a prequel to the the 2007 blockbuster moving “I A Legend”, in which Will Smith winds up being one of the last human beings on Earth after a plague turns the remainder of the population into raging monsters.
The first film which is loosely based on Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel although the vampires from his book were replaced with more modern zombie-like CGI freaks for the big screen adaptation “I am Legend” which earned $585.3 million worldwide.
A sequel,  would be extremely difficult to accomplish based on the ending of the first movie don't worry if you haven't seen it no spoilers here.
Sources tell us, Will Smith is currently deep into negotiations to reprise his character from the original. Producer Avika Goldman, who also co-wrote the foriginal films script, has already signed on for the prequel.
Were told that the new movie would focus on the chain of events that led to the apocalypse that leaves Smith’s character, Robert Neville, the sole resident of New York City.
No word yet on other cast members or even a film title but we'lll post more here as soon as we find out.

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