Indisputable Photographic Evidence Kim Kardashian Is Cheating

Kim Kardashian is cheating and we have indisputable photographic evidence to prove it! No we’re not talking about cheating on her husband Kris Humphries we’re talking about something much worse. Kim cheated at Dancing with the Stars!

Oh, the horror right? Anyway the woman who is famous for what again? That’s right being in a porno with Brandy’s little brother posted the number to vote for her brother Rob Kardashian on twitter and claimed it was Jusin Beiber’s telephone number. Thousands of young girls actually called the number hoping to speak with the singer instead they ended up unknowingly voting for Rob Kardahian to stay on the show.

Kim later tried to claim she was just kidding however when you take into account the mental capacity of people who look up to her who knows how much damage was actually done and without that tweet would her brother had been sent home? I sincerely doubt it was a joke and believe it was just another way for her to try to keep the Kardashian name out there.

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