Interview with 2012 Phoenix Comicon Guest and Eureka star Colin Ferguson

It's a day comic fans and sci-fi geeks here in the valley dream of. The 2012 Phoenix Comicon starts today and we had the privilege of speaking with one of my favorite Comicon attendees Mr. Colin Ferguson of Syfy's “Eureka”. I was a little bit intimidated since I am a big fan of his but here is the interview below, I hope you enjoy it.Colin Ferguson Phoenix comicon 2012 pic

In his younger days Colin Ferguson was a broke student in Montreal and turned to standup comedy as a way to pay the bills.  He eventually when on to find fame on TV playing Sheriff Jack Carter on SyFy’s “Eureka,” a show about the brightest and best minds in the United States secretly live in the same community and work on constructing futuristic inventions for the government’s benefit.

Syfy is currently airing the final season of “Eureka,” and Colin Ferguson was gracious enough to give us a look back on his six years acting on the television show "Eureka. Ferguson played Sheriff Jack Carter on the show, a character who may not be among the smartest men in the town yet he  repeatedly finds ways to save the townspeople and town  from dangerous experiments gone wrong.

Question: Mr Ferguson how did you end up with your role as Sheriff Jack Carter “Eureka”?

COLIN FERGUSON: It was him him him a normal pilot season just like any other. I had come off of a sitcom. I’d been doing the network game for a bunch of years at that point, trying to get a show on the air. I went in and everybody under the sun was there. That one just went my way.

Question: What's your favorite thing about getting to play Sheriff Jack Carter?

COLIN FERGUSON: Probably the length of time that I got to do it. You get a level of control and confidence with a character when you get to play them for years that you can’t really understand until you’ve done it. It really made me a better actor for the length of time that I got to do it.

Question: If I recall correctly you were able to get behind the camera and actually produce and direct some episodes. What was that experience like?

COLIN FERGUSON: I’m really well-suited for collaborating in that fashion. Being producer is great because you get to take care of people in a way. And that’s a wonderful thing to be able to do, especially with a group of people who you’ve been with for years. As a director, it’s an amazing moment where you put your money where your mouth is.

Question: When you were behind the camera directing the show is there anything you learned about your costars that surprised you once got to see them from a different perspective?

COLIN FERGUSON:   When I directed, nothing surprised me.  Everyone was wonderful with me, and everybody was as good as I hoped and thought they would be.  Everybody did exactly what I had hoped, and we all got along really, really, really well.

Question: When you guys found out where things would be going this season, what was your reaction?

COLIN FERGUSON: I thought it was really cool. I loved it so much. I thought the matrix was a wonderful idea.  The problem with a season that arcs towards a ship disappearing is that you’re duty-bound to deal with it.  Yawn!  What’s it gonna be?   The ship is gone forever?  You can’t do that because there are people on it.  So, when do we find them?  Are they hurt?

colin-ferguson-EurekaQuestion: If you could take one “Eureka” gadget with you, what would it be?

COLIN FERGUSON: Teleportation. I love to travel. Could you imagine being able to teleport yourself to where you wanted to go? That’d be amazing. If you had stations at the airport where you just teleport through, that’d be huge.

Question: Were you actually able to take any items from the set with you?

COLIN FERGUSON: Herpes! I have that with me forever.  No.

Question: What would you say was the best thing about being part of being on “Eureka”?

COLIN FERGUSON: Growing up with my little band of brothers there. It’s like you’ve been through a war. That level of solidarity is not something you find very often, and that’s what I’ll take with me forever. That’s what has meant the most. It just made for a wonderful, wonderful work environment. I wasn’t doing it by myself. I had partners in crime.

Question: Does it make you sad that Eureka is coming to an  end?

COLIN FERGUSON: Yes and no. You’d think from everything that I said that I would have been in tears. I definitely have my wistful moments, but we got to make 80 episodes of television and it took six years. We were fine, and it was okay that it was over and we were grateful for the time we had.

Question: How would you describe the other "Eureka" cast members reactions to the show  coming to an end?

COLIN FERGUSON: Sad. This season is one of the best seasons we’ve done, and it’s sort of clear that we’re just finding our footing maturity-wise with the writers and actors all coming together. It’s too bad, but it happens. SyFy gave us hundreds of millions of dollars to make episodes.  When someone does that, you sort of just have to say thank you. How do you get sour grapes over that?

Question: What was it like your last day on set like?

COLIN FERGUSON: I was caked in blood, all over my clothes, and with a fake prosthetic arm from the accident.  No.  It was great.  We knew it was coming, at that point, so we had three weeks to get through it.  The last day was neither here nor there.  It was more the last scene with any one person.

Question: Okay, last question Colin. Will we be seeing you on SyFy again?

COLIN FERGUSON: You would, if they had something that they wanted me to do and I liked it. We’ve had many discussions of how my personal brand has grown with them. I know where my bread is buttered, so if we came up with a good project, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

phoenix comicon EurekaI would like to thank Mr. Ferguson for granting us this interview. You can catch: Ferguson along with fellow "Eureka" stars Debrah Farentino (Beverly Barlowe), Jaime Paglia (co-creator), Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Dr. Allison Blake) and Wil Wheaton (Doctor Isaac Parrish) all of whom will be appearing at the 2012 Phoenix, Comicon that kicks off later on today running through Sunday. Tickets are still available on the Phoenix Comicon website.

We will be covering the Phoenix Comicon on this website so check back often for updates However , if you are in the Phoenix area  I really hope you find it way to attend the Comicon.

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