Iranian Actress Freed From Prison

Marzieh Vafamehr the Iranian actress who was imprisoned for appearing in the 2009 Australian film “My Tehran for Sale,” which is banned in Iran has been released from prison after her sentence was overturned by an appeals court.

In the movie which was actually filmed in Iran, Vafamehr is shown violating several of the countries laws such as being seen with a shaved head, without a head covering which is required for Iranian women and drinking alcohol which is also for bid.

Amnesty international got involved and got her one year prison sentence and 90 lashes sentence reduced to three months and no lashes.Vafamehr was arrested in early July.

In the past year Iran has been cracking down on the film industry because they feel that movies are leading to lower morals and religious violations within the country. Officials in Iran even blame western world movies for the rise in homosexuality throughout the country.

Iran has now maybe illegal to sell any film created within the country to any foreign broadcasters without permission from the Iranian government.

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