Is Antonio Cromartie trying to start his own family football team?

Antonio Cromartie is going to be a dad and this isn’t the 14th repeat of this story he really is going to be the father of his 14th child. When it comes to creating children Cromartie is more unstoppable than he is on the NFL field because even a vasectomy couldn’t stop him from having another kid.

His wife Terricka announced she was pregnant with the couple’s sixth child on Instagram. Terricka Cromartie said she was 25 weeks pregnant. According to people close to Terricka, this is not a hoax or a joke.

It’s believed to be Cromartie’s fourth child after his vasectomy. He and Terricka had twins in 2016 after he got the procedure. That was widely reported as the third and fourth child for the couple, and Terricka Cromartie said she’s pregnant with their sixth child.

Cromartie’s NFL career might be over but fatherhood should keep him busy for a while or even just the fact that he has to write so many child support checks.

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