It has begun….

minajcarey As I was perusing the trending topics of Google+ (It’s great by the way, you should join) something curious caught my eye. Nicki Minaj was a topic and raising in the rankings.

Out of boredom I clicked upon her name, lo and behold there was something similar for all the posts I was seeing.

Nicki Minaj threatened to knock out Mariah Carey. On Tape.

It happened during the auditions in North Carolina. My first thought was as the title of this article says.

“It has begun….” When you get two outspoken divas in the same vicinity it’s bound to happen. Especially those who make Britney Spears seem like the model of sanity.

Randy Jackson and Keith Urban…..I do not envy you boys. I hope you survive the rest of the season with all your bits in one piece.

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