It looks like we found out just what Bueller is up to now


Have you seen it yet? It looks as if Matthew Broderick is donning his Ferris Bueller character again at least in the above online clip. Is it a sequel to the cult classic or perhaps just a upcoming Super Bowl commercial?

That was what we set out to answer today and we were quite disappointed at what we discovered. The clip is a tease to an upcoming Super Bowl ad. It's actually from a Super Bowl spot for the automaker Honda in which a vehicle from the automaker will take the place of the familiar Ferrari in the classic flick. The big jump scene the valet does with Cameron's dad's Ferrari will be done with a Honda CR-V.

Just what the reprised the Ferris Bueller was doing and now that Broderick is nearly 50 years old remains to be seen. Hopefully they figure out a way to make it work because right now in my mind Matthew Broderick seems closer to Ben Stein's monotone economics teacher than he does the film's title character.

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