Jackie Chan Quits Action Movies

Jackie Chan has decided that it is time for him to give up action movies because at the age of 58 and many years of doing his own stunts the action star decided that his body has taken up punishment and is switching to drama roles.jackie-chan-quitting-action-movies

Jackie Chan actually holds the Guinness world record for performing the most stunts by a living actor. Chan said in a recent interview:

"The world is too violent now. It’s a dilemma because I like action, but I don’t like the violence. I don’t just want to be an action star, I want to be a true actor," he said. "I want to be an Asian Robert De Niro. I want to get rid of my image. So, for the last 10 years I’ve done other films like The Karate Kid, where I’d rather play an old man. I want the audience to know I’m not just about fighting or comedy, also I can act."

Jackie Chan went on to tell reporters that his final action movie will be Chinese Zodiac which happens to be the film that he was promoting in Cannes. Hopefully, we can still see Jackie Chan do some comedies because he’s a very funny man but I would like to see how he performs in a non-action movie.

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