James Bond Star Dame Judi Dench Has A Disease That May Make Her Blind

Dame Judi Dench who played M in the newer James Bond films says that she has been diagnosed with macular degeneration. Her eyesight which has been described as poor for many years now is slowly declining in her newly diagnosed eye condition causes degeneration which can cause permanent blindness if left untreated.

The 77-year-old English actress is taking her condition in stride and has admitted however that her condition is so bad she's actually unable to read scripts anymore so she has them regular her by her daughter, her agent or one of her many friends. Macular degeneration isn't anything new to Dench in fact her mother suffered from the very same disease.

Dench won on this talk about the future and says she will continue working as long as she can have someone read her the scripts because even at the age of 77 she still sharp as a tack.

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