Jeff Van Gundy says the Bulls showed a “lack of class” firing Thibodeau

Former NBA head coach and ESPN NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy believes the way the Chicago Bulls management handled the dismissal of former head coach Tom Thibodeau demonstrated a “lack of class” within the organization.

“The statement that they put out when they let Tom go proves once again that every organization needs a vice president of common sense,” Van Gundy said in an ESPN conference call on Monday, via Sports Illustrated’s Ben Golliver. “When you have a public relations, high powered public relations business put that out and then you have multiple people have to co-sign it to put it out, and it just absolutely reeked of a lack of class, it shows that you just need somebody to say whoa. Let’s just acknowledge his greatness, Thiboeau’s greatness, and let’s just move on. But it didn’t happen that way.”

Gundy, who was an NBA coach for a dozen seasons, was enraged by the statements made by the Chicago Bulls management team, but he said it did at show last the true colors of general manager Gar Forman, vice president of operations John Paxson and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

“And in some ways, in an odd way, I think it was good because, to me, that statement revealed exactly who each person was,” he continued. “It reveals who Jerry Reinsdorf is. It reveals who Gar Forman is. And Tom Thibodeau’s statement reveals who he is. Everybody had to put their name finally on who they were, and they did. I think that’s great.”

Thibodeau is presently unemployed and unfortunately all of the NBA coaching vacancies have been filled (including the Bulls who just supposedly hired Fred Hoiberg). It seems as if the former Bulls head coach will be forced to wait for a current coach to be fired before he is able to coach again in the NBA.

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