Jennifer Esposito is leaving NCIS

The revolving door of actors and actresses departing popular shows continue. Hit CBS show NCIS is losing yet another regular cast member. It was announced today actress Jennifer Esposito is leaving the CBS drama after just one season.

Esposito was brought in for season 14 to play NCIS Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn who was an instructor at the Law Enforcement Training Center but ended up being lured back into performing fieldwork by Mark Harmon’s Special Agent Gibbs.

Gary Glassberg created a character and the new narrative for the show before his death last September. It was decided however that for season 15 that the show would go an entirely new direction to regain it’s slightly declining audience and Esposito’s character became expendable. To explain her absence they had Agent Quinn receive two unexplained phone calls from her mother which will help write her out of the show without having to pay her for another appearance.

Esposito does have a history of parting ways with shows rather early. If you recall she parted ways with CBS’ Blue Bloods after a little over two seasons because she was upset that they reduced her workload due to her battle with Celiac disease. There are no hard feelings this time around as her departure was mutually agreed-upon.

NCIS returns for Season 15 on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 8/7c on CBS.