Jennifer Lopez leaving American Idol

First American Idol loses Simon Cowell and now it has lost Jennifer Lopez?. In just two years American Idol has lost its two biggest asses.

American Idol judges leavingIn all serious now however, popstar Jennifer Lopez decided earlier today that her judging days are over on the popular TV singing competition “American Idol”. This sitting came out a few days following Steven Tyler’s decision to exit the show as well.

American Idol has been in a slump for the past few years and if it does indeed return to television a major shakeup is in store for the judge’s table. Rumor has it the current front runners to fill the empty seats are Katy Perry, Janet Jackson, Avril Lavigne and country music superstar Garth Brooks. Sources tell us that Randy Jackson is also considering departing the show.

Has Idol finally finished its run? I think the only thing that can really save it now is a return by Simon Cowell but that seems highly unlikely.

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