Jennifer Lopez Rents Public Beach To Keep The Public Away from Her Kids


6afd337e-0fdd-4d79-_673051tJennifer Lopez doesn’t really like the idea of the general public being around her children or family so in an effort to keep out what she calls “the riffraff’s” the singer spent nearly $1000 to rent out a public beach in Long Beach.

Were to that Jennifer Lopez dished out $925 to the city of Long Beach to rent out Marine beach this past Saturday. She rented the 3400 ft.² beach for her kids, her boyfriend Casper Smart, some family and friends and of course herself.

Lifeguards marked off the water with buoys in order to prevent unauthorized access to the beach as well as locking the gates and stationing a security guard nearby.

Jennifer also brought in some of her own jet skis and hired a wakeboard instructor for some private lessons.

Quite a few residents who planned on using the beach were perturbed that they were not allowed access. Were not sure if it’s normal practice to allow the renting of the speech for such a small price but were looking into it.

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