Jennifer Lopez Uses The American Music Awards To Get Back At Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez decided to use the American Music Awards show to help her get back at least a little at her estranged husband Marc Anthony. That’s why the diva demanded that show runners move her performance ahead of her soon-to-be ex-husband and then she went on to try to put on a bigger production featuring herself nearly nude on stage as a way of saying “look at me now who needs you?”.

Word is Jennifer Lopez threatened to walk off the show if you get a go first and then get two stages and show runners had to limit her ex to half a stage. The only thing JLo and Marc Anthony had in common at the AMA’s was Pitbull who ended up performing with both.

In an attempt to make Marc Anthony suffer even more were told that Jennifer Lopez allowed herself to be seen and even photographed kissing her new man Casper Smart passionately at an after party. Sources tell us that things got so hot and heavy between the couple it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what they did after the party.

For someone to go through this much trouble to show the world they are over somebody else is crystal clear that they’re not and are probably dying inside from the pain of missing their significant other. Hope they’re able to keep thing civil.

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