Jessica Simpson Is Getting Married And Expecting A Baby Girl

How’s this for a scoop? Not only is singer Jessica Simpson going to be getting married in Hawaii on November 11th in a private ceremony to her fiancé Eric Johnson the couple is also expecting their first child who we’re told is going to be a baby girl. Over the last month and a half Jessica and Eric have been getting a nursery ready in their home and painting it pink as well as adding lots of pink accessories. In Jessica’s eyes is like “winning the lottery twice” because not only is she getting the man who she wants to marry she gets a baby girl as well. Her fiancé Eric seems to be excited as well ordering up pink cigars to hand out in celebration of the birth of his daughter. As of yet people in Jessica’s camp have yet to confirm the pregnancy but our source close to the family is telling us the couple is waiting for the right moment (and at least a half million dollar magazine deal) before they announce it.

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