Jessica Simpson To Star in I Love Lucy Remake

Sure people loved Lucy and heck everyone loves Raymond but will people love Jessica? The heavily pregnant singer/actress is developing a remake of the classic 1950s sitcom I Love Lucy with herself cast in the lead role.

I can see this working perhaps as a movie but is almost sacrilegious to try to reboot one of the all-time classic television shows especially when you cast someone like Jessica Simpson to play a character made famous by one of the funniest women who ever lived Lucille Ball. As of yet thankfully no network has picked up the show but we are told that Jessica’s people are shopping in hard and hoping to hook someone into showing it and have even gotten TV producer Ben Silverman on board.

Whatever the case is going to have to wait until after Jessica Simpson finally pops and gives birth because have you seen her recently? I didn’t think it was possible to be that pregnant. What is she in month number 12?

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