Jessie J To Shave Head For Charity

Jessie J is about to do something most female celebrities wouldn’t even dare to dream about. The Domino singer is going to go completely bald on April 12th to raise cash for a group of seriously ill children.

The pop star claims that she actually can’t wait to break out the scissors and hair clippers because she’s sick of her iconic black bob hairstyle and really wants to help out these sick children. She has been quoted as saying:

“I want to see what people make of me – someone who’s supposedly all about image – without it. I don’t want to be a showhorse… I feel my hair’s become more recognisable than my music in some places.”

I for one applaud her. This is a wonderful thing and regardless of how much money it actually brings in it’s going to bring a lot of publicity to her cause because let’s face it most of us out there don’t have the guts to do something like this privately and she’s doing it in front of the public and then we’ll go on to perform with her bald head.

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