John Carter expected to lose $200 million

I could’ve told months ago when I first saw the trailer for Disney’s John Carter that this movie was of going to bomb and bomb hard. Today, the not so bright executives over at Disney announced that they intend to write down $200 million because this dud about a Civil War era soldier who ends up being transported to Mars in order to fight off various types of space aliens.

I think maybe they should probably plan on writing off a little bit more because after the production costs of $250 million in the advertising of about $100 million there’s no way this thing will only lose $200 million. They probably should count themselves lucky to hit a $250 million loss.

The only good news for Disney is that Dick Cook the idiot who green lit this flick is no longer with the company instead replaced by current chairman Rich Ross. Hopefully Disney is able to make up some of the money from this with anticipated blockbusters The Avengers and Brave due out later this year.

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