Johnny Depp And Natalie Portman Star In Paul McCartney’s My Valentine Video


Screenshot_8Legendary musician and former Beatle Paul McCartney released a new video Friday night for his latest single "My Valentine", off his number-one charting jazz album "Kisses On The Bottom".

Now normally a music video wouldn’t garner that much attention but McCartney managed to snag to A-listers Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman to appear in three separate versions of the promo. Two of the versions have the celebrity separate from one another while a third features both Portman Screenshot_9and Depp.

The interesting thing I feel about this video is that it was shot in black and white with a single camera. Natalie Portman’s  version of the video features her lip singing a song and performing the songs words in sign language while Johnny Depp’s version features Sam features him sitting with his acoustic guitar signing the lyrics as well. The third version is edited together to place them both in the same video.

The video is below hope you enjoy.


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