Jon Bon Jovi Not Dead Despite Internet Rumors

Musician Jon Bon Jovi is still alive despite what you may have read online. A fake press release has been circulating the Internet reporting that the singer, 49, had passed away during a concert tour stop in New Jersey. The fake release that actually gained major buzz thanks to twitter on Monday, sparking confusion and concern among fans.

Bon Jovi however took to the Internet himself and joked a bit about his supposed passing by posting a picture on his band’s twitter feed Monday night with the caption, “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey -jbj. Rest assured that Jon is fine! This photo was just taken.”

The famed musician was not the only musician to generate a lot of buzz after twitter falsely kill them off on Monday. After North Korean President Kim Jong-il’s real death on Sunday, the misinformed public took to Twitter en masse to report that rapper Lil’ Kim had passed away.

The lesson in all of this is until you see news being reported on a actual news site always take the news you hear on twitter with a grain of salt. Twitter does get it right and first sometimes but they also have fallen victim to pranksters in the past.

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