Julianne Hough HAs A Crush on Phillip Phillips

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest better watch out because his girlfriend Julianne Hough apparently has a crush on one of the American Idol contestants Philip Phillips. At least according to the show’s host Ryan Seacrest himself:

We were backstage and you ran past my girlfriend and she sighed and blushed," explained Seacrest speaking to "American Idol" top six contestant Phillips during the show Wednesday.Julianne-Hough-Philip-Phillips

The host added of his girlfriend, "I think I heard her say ‘Yummy.’"

Hough seemingly really loved the performance Phillips put on when he did the Dave Matthews Band’s song “The Stone” because American Idol cameras  actually caught the actress blushing pretty badly backstage during and after the performance.

"We’ll talk about this later, darling," Seacrest joked to Hough in the episode.

Phillips may have earned some praise from Hough but American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez called his performance “obscure and artsy”. Phillips brushed off JLo’s criticism and explained that he was flattered by Hough’s attention saying:

"I ain’t complaining, [Hough’s] a gorgeous woman and Ryan’s an awesome guy so they’re an awesome match," said Phillips speaking backstage at American Idol. "I think she got all giddy or something but I don’t know. It was funny."

"I’m not trying to steal your girl, Ryan," Phillips smartly added to make sure he didn’t get on Ryan Seacrest’s bad side.

Seacrest and Hough have been together since the spring of 2010 and Hough is probably best known for her appearance on Dancing with the Stars and for her role in Rock of Ages.

I really wonder how this will play out or is this just some type of scripted storyline to add some jealousy to the show.

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