Jumping on the Beiber Jail Bandwagon



Now that Justin Beiber was been clocked with a DUI in the state of Florida, there are a few things that people are neglecting to realize about the situation.


While the fact that Beiber was technically under the limit, there is the fact that he was underage and consumed alcohol and other illegal substances. Then decided to endanger other people and jump behind a wheel of a car, then proceeded to drag race.


Florida has zero tolerance for underage drinking. Zero Tolerance. You know what that means? No matter how much he drank, that fact that he drank is enough to get him in trouble. Then the whole resisting arrest business. It just shows how much this man-child thinks he is above the US laws.


Unless by some miracle the charges get dropped (unlikely), this means trouble and hopefully jail time for Beiber. With the combination of charges there is a very strong possibility that he gets his visa revoked and banned from the country (one can only hope).

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