Jurassic World makes its competition look prehistoric with $204.6M U.S. Debut

Jurassic World is making some noise at the box office make that a giant roar. It was only predicted to make around $150 million in the United States this weekend but was able to chomp its competitors and hit the $204.6 million dollar mark proving that dinosaurs are just as marketable as superheroes.

Some rival studios even have Jurassic World tying or beating the first Avengers with $207.4 million or more, but Universal is being cautious in projecting Sunday traffic because of Sunday night’s NBA championship game. Studios always estimate their weekend number on Sunday morning, followed by adjusted figures on Monday.

Globally, Jurassic World’s weekend debut is expected to be just as impressive, although numbers weren’t immediately available. The dinosaurs stomped into a total of 66 foreign markets, including China.

The performance of the long-awaited fourth installment no doubt furthers Chris Pratt’s star power a year after Guardians of the Galaxy propelled him to leading man status (Pratt shares top billing in Jurassic World with Bryce Dallas Howard).

No other studio dared open a movie nationwide opposite Jurassic World, although making a high-profile entry at the specialty box office was Me Earl and the Dying Girl, which Fox Searchlight launched in 15 theaters in select markets. The Sundance Film Festival favorite grossed $210,000 for the weekend for a screen average of $14,000. Many think even Earl ended up being impacted by Jurassic World.

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