Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga To Play Aliens In the New Men in Black Movie


Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be sharing the screen in Men in Black 3 with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga who will be playing aliens in the film.gaga-Bieber-alien-men-in-black

Men in Black 3 Director Barry Sonnenfeld recently confirmed that the pop stars will both have small parts in the upcoming film as aliens alongside director Tim Burton.

In this [installment] there are a few people that you’ll see up on the surveillance board, including Lady Gaga, Tim Burton, who probably knows more about aliens than I do, and let’s see who else… Justin Bieber," Sonnenfeld said. "The challenge is getting celebrities that are famous, will give you permission and won’t be like ‘Who’s that guy?’ in 10 years."

This isn’t the first time that the Men In Black franchise has recruited pop icons to play a role in their film if you recall back in 2002 Michael Jackson actually played Agent M in Men in Black 2.

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