Justin Bieber Cheated On Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber the celebrity couple we just love to hate. The last few weeks online sources have claimed that Justin has been cheating on Selena with a lingerie model named Macarena Lemos. Justin and Macarena were reportedly seen making out in the back of a Buenos Aires restaurant.

Representatives have been quick to deny the story but there were just too many witnesses to the PDA in the back of the restaurant so the rumors hit the net. How do you think is true this would affect Bieber’s career? Sure, he’d be single again and his delusional fan base could hold out hope of hooking up with the star but I’m sure it would cost him a large chunk of his fan base. That’s something that Disney won’t allow after hooking him up with Selena Gomez after rumors of eachs possible homosexual preference became tabloid fodder. I’ve heard behind the scenes grumbling that this relationship is really a farce put on by Disney in an attempt to detract from the Hollywood rumor mill. Time will only tell if my sources are right but if they are look for a split right around the time of the release of “The Muppets”

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