Justin Trudeau joins Pride parade

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Pride Parade in Toronto.

If you needed another reason to prove that Canadian politicians are so much better than those in America i.e. Donald Trump we have one for you.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to the streets today in Toronto joining his LGBT citizens in a parade to honor Pride Month. Not only did he participate in the parade he looked like he was

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau high-fives child during Toronto LGBT Pride parade.

enjoying himself stopping many times throughout the parade to shake hands with people and openly talk to reporters about the importance of the event.

It would be nice to see some US politicians stop being so stuffed up and take part in events like this. Even if they don’t support them just showing up to support citizens exercising their right to assemble like this would be HUGE. Could you imagine the publicity someone like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or even Bernie Sanders would bring to an event like this? Right now all we can do is dream.

Hopefully, the exposure created during Pride Month can help grow acceptance to those who shake their Bible at anyone with a different sexual preference than themselves.

Happy Pride Month everyone!

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