Kardashians Are Trying to Spin Kim’s Divorce Into Book Money

Spin, spin, spin. That’s exactly what the Kardashian’s are trying to do to the news regarding Kim’s pending divorce, well that and use it as an opportunity to pimp Kris Jenner’s upcoming book. That’s right on the heels of Kim’s divorce all of the sudden her mom has a new book out that will talk about the family and even what went wrong with Kim’s marriage. Isn’t that convenient?

Face it folks if you buy into any of the story that this family is trying to put out there you need to be institutionalized. Trying to make you believe that they didn’t turn a profit off the wedding, let’s face it this entire wedding was a sham and nothing more than a huge publicity stunt designed to make money for Kim and family in my opinion.

Do you really buy that they paid for this wedding like they are now claiming? They also are even saying the ring which originally they themselves said was it to million dollar ring is worth nowhere near that. This house of cards the Kardashians have created is collapsing and they’re trying to spin it so they can keep America interested in them without showing all they care about is money and fame.

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