Katy Perry 3D Film


File this under obvious sure to be successful  film ideas that have not been done until now that is. With the resurgence of 3D films and the success of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, you knew it was just a matter of time before some very wise studio executive had an amazing epiphany while watching Katy Perry jump up and down shooting fireworks from her bouncing boobs. You can practically imagine  him hyperventilating with excitement. In fact it probably took a good 30 seconds before a Katy Perry 3D concert movie to be greenlit.
The Perry movie will be a 3D concert documentary film film hybrid that will aim to record Perry’s life on stage and off stage and give a fan’s perspective on the pop music singers life.
Hopefully this gives the movie goers what they want. Gratuitous jiggling and a breast-centric plot line. Not like that Avatar where those blue things had sex by sticking their tails into each other or whatever. Can you believe James Cameron had all that technology and he used it for that instead of this?

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