Katy Perry dumps guitarist Robert Ackroyd


Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd are no more. Perry decided not to continue with her relationship with Florence + the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd even though the two met just last month at the Coachella Music Festival.Katy Perry breaks up with Robert Ackroyd

According to our source Katy Perry just felt that because both of them have working commitments that require a lot of traveling it would be very difficult for them to see each other regularly. Katy went through this with her soon to be ex-husband Russell Brand as well and that’s actually what led to a lot of their marriage problems.

Katy decided it would be wise to break things off before it got too serious because being with Rob felt a lot like when she was with Russell and she just couldn’t handle that again. She decided to break up with the guitarist before he had a chance to get his heart broken.

I for one saw this coming because our source has told us that prior to her attendance at the Coachella Music Festival Katie felt dead inside but after the two weeks at the festival she began to feel alive and sexy once again. Robert was pretty much her rebound guy we all know things almost never work out with her rebound guy.


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