Katy Perry to sing breakup song about Russell Brand ad Billboard Awards

Katy Perry has decided to send a message to her soon to be ex-husband Russell Brand by singing it on stage in front of millions of people across the globe at the Billboard Awards.

Katy and Russell’s divorce is scheduled to be finalized sometime next month and in order to express how she felt about the end of her marriage she wrote a breakup song called Wide Awake which is found on her latest album. She reportedly is seriously considering singing this song from The Billboard Music Awards this Sunday live from Los Angeles.Katy Perry wide awake Billboard music awards

Although Katy Perry hasn’t publicly stated that the song is about her soon-to-be ex Russell sources close to the musician claim that Russell is the inspiration behind the breakup song. Our sources also tell us that Katy Perry is still in shock that Russell Brand filed for divorce from her because she always felt that with some counseling the marriage would be reconcilable.

The most telling lyric and the song is "I wish I knew then what I know now – wouldn’t dive in, wouldn’t bow down.". Now I believe that that speaks volumes about her relationship with Russell Brand and the pain she felt after it was over.

There is some good news for Katy Perry however because she’s finally moved on from Brand and started dating Florence and The Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd as we reported earlier on this site.

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