Kesha Enlists Iggy Pop To Help on Her Second Album

It’s been a while since a new album from pop star Ke$ha has hit the market in fact looking back now that I think of it she hasn’t had a new problem since her very first one. That’s about to change because the “Tik Tok” star is apparently working on a second problem and recently announced that she will be recording a song with Iggy Pop to be released on that very same album.kesha-iggy-pop

On twitter Kesha posted: “"its a fk!ng dream come true to be collaborating w my IDOL! the original WILD CHILD. Iggy + I got a song for yall on my next record…get ready," She also went on to tweet a photo of herself and the bare chested rock legend himself in the studio working on the album.

Ke$ha has also recently reportedly been in works to try to get both Keith Richards and Justin Bieber to collaborate with her on her album but no word yet on whether or not anything has developed between her and those stars. All we know for sure right now is that Ke$ha promises her fans that this second album will be her way of introducing the world to what she calls “cock pop”

I’m actually looking forward to it because if it’s anything like her collaboration with Flaming Lips for the track “The Flaming Lips and a Heady Fwends” then it should be quite the album.

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